Central BBQ (Downtown Location)

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So, I’ve been gone a while. I have lots of excuses.

I’ve been working a lot. Been to some amazing places. Singapore, Vietnam, Mexico, France. I’ve moved. I’ve started (and stopped and started again and stopped again and tried to start again) running. I’ve had a couple birthdays. Taken on yet another website to manage (as a volunteer). In all that there are a few things that remained the same. One of them was Central BBQ.

I live in Arkansas and commute to Memphis for work. So when I heard a new Central location was opening downtown I thought it must be too good to be true. (Others had the same sentiment as you can see at my favorite Memphis blog here: What Should We Call Memphis? )

But it wasn’t. It happened. It actually happened. And even better- there is parking. That’s right. You can both eat AND park your car at THE SAME PLACE. Downtown! And it’s Central BBQ! It’s a freaking miracle from God. Nothing less. On your knees people. Give thanks. Damas gracias.

So, there have actually been many meals that tempted me to start writing again (and with help from my dad and sister who dine with me 99% of the time, I hope to go back and write about the best ones), but this is what really did it for me. I love having places to go downtown. And I’m scared for them. I’ve heard whispers that the market is being over saturated with restaurants. I’m seeing great places with lots of empty tables. Great chefs are sitting around with nothing to do on week nights. So, I will be the crazy person sitting next to you taking photos of the food on the table. Don’t make fun of me. I’m trying to help!

So, for the food, you’ll remember I posted a while back about another location. Basically it’s the same food. We order lots of different things now and really never find anything we don’t like. We always get nachos. But surprise of all surprises, you can get them on fries, tortilla chips, or their homemade BBQ chips. The BBQ chips are a bit salty for the nachos (and that’s saying a lot coming from me who salts almost everything) but half fries and half tortilla chips is the way to go.

This trip I also tried the smoked sausage sandwich. This is a big deal because I don’t usually eat anything that looks anything like it might taste like a hot dog. Let me assure you, this does not taste like a hot dog. It’s amazing. Put some extra of the darker BBQ sauce on it and it’s perfect. I went over board with the chips. I really didn’t need them, but just seemed like I should order them with the sandwich.

Then the last photo is my dad’s combo plate. Sorry the photo is a bit blurry. I know one of those is brisket, and we all liked it. I think the other two are pork and chicken. Whatever you get there will be great. Other regular things me, my family, and friends love include ribs, pork sandwiches, the salad, the sausage and cheese plate, and the hot wings. Peace, love, and BBQ my friends!


Nachos (pork, half fries, half tortilla chips)


Smoked Sausage Sandwich with BBQ Chips


Combo Plate