Kooky Canuck

97 S 2nd St
Memphis, TN 38103

We have eaten at Kooky Canuck’s several times over the years. Heck, when we started going their it was still called Big Foot’s (no copyright infringement intended).  Turns out Big Foot owns his name and didn’t want the restaurant to use it- or something like that.

Over the years we have tried a lot of things, including the Big Foot Burger (or Kookamonga as they now call it) and it was all it was hyped up to be- a giant burger big enough to feed at least an average sized family. We cut ours like a pizza so we each had burger slices, which is kind of cool because you get more bites that you usually only get from the very inside of a regular sized burger. It did take quite a while to cook, but you know that going in, so all is fair. Added onto the long wait that you almost always have on Friday or Saturday  nights (heck-even weeknights if there is an event nearby) and you are looking at a couple hours for dinner.

Southwestern Salad

But moving on-I think I have tried a lot of things on their menu, including: Fried Dill Pickles, Onion Rings, Fried Green Tomatoes, Poutine, BBQ Egg Rolls, Meatloaf, & Marinated Chicken. They were all pretty good, but my favorites were the Fried Pickles and Fried Green Tomatoes.  Seeing a theme here?

This particular trip we were going just before Beauty and the Beast at the Orpheum. I ordered the Southwestern Salad, which was described as follows: Crispy greens with tomato, corn, black beans, sweet and spicy pecans, cilantro, sour cream, cheese, and tortilla strips, all tossed in our Mexi-ranch dressing then topped with your choice of fried or grilled chicken. The photo above is what it looked like. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed. Where is everything? Of course the fried pieces of chicken were great, but I could have gotten that off of the kid’s menu. I wanted a real salad.

BLFGT & Sweet Potato Fries

My sister got the BL ‘FG’ T (Bacon, Lettuce, Fried Green Tomato Sandwich) which looked and tasted wonderful. So were the sweet potato fries. My neice got the kids mac-n-cheese with fries. Her fries were the best thing I tasted while there, but that was probably because I was so mad at myself for ordering that stupid salad at a place like Kooky Canuck’s.  She wasn’t nuts about the mac-n-cheese, and looking at it, I was pretty sure that was because it had been reheated. The sauce had that chunky texture that reheated Kraft Mac-N-Cheese gets (yes, I know this from experience). So I really couldn’t blame her for not wanting to eat it.

Kids Mac N Cheese with Fries

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