La Guadalupana

4818 Summer Ave

Memphis, TN

(901) 685-6857


I had been hearing some amazing things about this really great, really authentic Mexican place on Summer Ave.  So, when we tried to get pizza at the Pizza Shack and were shooed away becuase they had booked the whole place and failed to put a sign up, we gladly decided to try out La Guadalupana.

It was busy and even in the large space, almost half of the tables were full.  The waiter kept up and was in good spirits, which is always nice.

The real treat for me, though, was finding my favorite authentic Mexican dish on the menu-chilaquiles! They are, when prepared as they should be, freshly fried strips of corn tortillas covered with chicken, cheese, and either red or green sauce.  As usual in America, they were served on chips instead of freshly fried strips and baked with everything together, which means it was soggy by the time they got to me. But hey, I got Chilaquiles, so it was a good day for me.  The sauce was that deep, dark, rustic red color that always comes with a smoky taste. Also, it was just hot enough for me but not overwhelming, which is hard to do.  Definitely worth a try!


My dad got a chicken enchilada which was served with the green sauce. It has a mild citrus taste and is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like things to spicy but doesn’t want to cover their food in melted cheese & fat!

Chicken Enchilada

My sister got the burrito, which was huge! It tasted great to me, but she wasn’t too happy about the raw onions on it. I can see how raw onions should probably be listed on the menu since so many people don’t like them, but I think the restaurant did the best they could with their English to Spanish translations on the menu items.

Giant Burrito

All in all, I loved it and hope to go back sometime. Another place in Memphis that is not so bad! 🙂

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