Bombay House

1727 N Germantown Pkwy
Cordova, TN

(901) 755-4114
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I know my blog is called Memphis Is Not So Bad.  However, I just had a pretty terrible lunch experience.  I normally don’t write about restaurants that did average-to-poorly because it just causes more stir around their name and can actually end up being good for them if they were otherwise falling off into obscurity.

But, I am just too disappointed about the $10 I just wasted at Bombay House not to take advantage of my public forum for complaining.  We made the mistake of arriving later than the normal lunch crowd (around 2:00 pm). The buffet was scheduled, according to the website, to end at 2:30pm.  Ignoring that the waiter had no concept of personal space and practically sat on our table when pouring our drinks (face forward, might I add, if you get my meaning), I slipped out of the booth while he was busy with the water.

The food looked about par for Indian buffet food. I started off with cucumbers and Tzatziki sauce, which was fair enough. I filtered my way throughout the other foods as time went on (about 20 minutes to be exact) and most of the food was so-so. Nothing too fantastic or so unique that anyone could really have anything to complain about (or praise, in my opinion). The chicken curry didn’t taste like a curry at all, but more like chicken in ketchup. Maybe some people like it, I don’t know.  

The food isn’t really why I am so bummed that I wasted $10.  We spent those very long 20 minutes or so listening to what I can only call Indian rave music.  I only stopped being irritated by this when I was distracted by another loud noise-I began hearing a waiter or other staff member yelling in Hindi. I don’t think he was mad or anything, but with him standing just outside the kitchen and myself sitting in the middle of the dining area, I swear the people in the parking lot could have clearly heard him.  At one point, it actually became funny that he didn’t realize how insanely inappropriate his behavior was.   It takes a lot to take me from irritated to laughter, but he did it. And the reason I know for sure that I was there no longer than 20 minutes- at about 2:30 they started taking down all the food. This is fine as far as the food goes because we were actually finishing up. But they had no way to know that because we were still eating from the plates we had just made.  The waiter brought us our check when we obviously weren’t done eating yet.  So then I started thinking “maybe that loud idiot really did know that people actually in India could probably hear him… he just wanted us to leave!” And, back to irritated.

Not good enough for your hard earned money. Try one of the other places in town which I have heard great things about, like India Palace or Golden India.