Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse

The first thing I noticed was that their menus are stained and falling apart at the seams, and the waitress placed them on top of the already sort of dirty plate (can you say germ theory?). Then I ordered a pinot noir and the waitress brought me a white wine. Sent that back. I ordered sushi, as did 2 of the 3 other ladies I was with. It was weird that all of our sushi came out at different times, but it tasted pretty good. The spicy shrimp was up to par with the red bird roll at Seikisui. The crawfish roll had a unique and really great taste. The volcano roll, which I hesitated to order because it was fried, was actually crispy and a good consistency. I hate it when they come out kind of soggy and warmer than chilled but cooler than warm food should be.

Hoverer, the service was quite questionable. The server and grill guy both sat things down in really awkward locations (like practically on the grill, or on top of a plate with a napkin and silverware still on it). The sushi came out in rounds even though we ordered it all at the same time, and as an entre. One guy who rudely interrupted a conversation to offer a refill was dressed so much like a repair person, and spoke so softly, that we didn’t even realize he was a waiter for a few moments. And after the so-so service, we found that 18% gratuity had been added to our checks. There were 4 of us and we were not using any coupons or anything like that. What?

Oh never again.

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