Bardog Tavern

73 Monroe Ave.
Memphis, TN 38103

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It seems like lots of people have been checking in at this place on Facebook, so I’ve been wanting to check it out.  Of course, I like going to a brand new martini bar and having a perky, bright pink glass of liquid stress relief as much as the next girl, but I have to say, in my heart I’m a pub girl.  I like places where people go to chill out, not to be seen in high heels and flawless makeup.  Places where the bartender learns your name after only a couple visits, and you’d like to sit there for an hour or two after work just as much as at home on the couch.  So  all these new pubs in Memphis have me, well, intrigued.  When they start calling themselves a gastropub, I start going places in my mind that take away from the allure of a real, honest, pub.  I may have assigned too much meaning to this word, but it still turns my stomach a bit.  Anyway, I like this pub.  “No redbull, no bullshit.”  I think that’s the best motto I’ve ever heard.


I checked it out after the Helen Brett show on a Saturday afternoon.  The place is as you would expect on the inside. Nothing to make you feel uncomfortable or out of place.  Except how freakishly close they want you to sit to other people… When we were directed to our seat, the waiter asked if this seat was okay, and seeing that it was 6 inches from the only other patron at the 6 or so tables, I asked if we could move down one.  The waiter told us that if they got busy they would have to ask us to move down.  The other person eventually finished and left, but the waiter sat the next couple who came in right next to us. When I say right next to us, I mean I was afraid I would accidentally elbow the person next to me.  I could smell the hot dog the lady next to me was eating (and I hate hot dogs in all formats).  So that was a little disturbing.

 Bloody Mary

We also found out that at 2 in the afternoon they were only serving a certain brunch menu and the sandwiches. That reduced the menu to about a dozen items. But going along with the “no bullshit” motto, I let it go.  Plus, during brunch, they have a special on Bloody Mary’s and Screwdrivers.  Sweet! Yes, I’d like a Bloody Mary.

The  Bloody Mary looked great, but tasted a little off. I kept getting this odd sulfury egg taste, and the tomato juice was too thin.  Not my favorite, but that’s alright.  I went back and forth between the Lobster Sandwich, the Omelet, and the Monster Vegetarian Burrito.  Rachel got the Omelet, and I landed on the Vegetarian Burrito (thinking hey, less carbs, maybe it will be better for me).  It took a while for the food to come out, but I took that as a good sign that they were making everything fresh and to order.

Monster Vegetarian Burrito, Side Salad

My burrito did taste fresh and was definitely “Monster,” even though it was missing the rice that was listed in the menu.  The salad was fantastic as far as side salads go, and I think it was due to their fantastic honey mustard.  Definitely try it if you like honey mustard.

Rachel really liked her Omelet, and the staff was very nice. They offered to take us downstairs to show us the rest of the place, and the waiter did ask several times if everything was okay (I didn’t have the heart to tell him that my burrito was missing a key ingredient, or that my Bloody Mary tasted like eggs).

Omelet with Potatoes

I hope I go back soon just for drinks, or maybe for a late, late night 2nd dinner situation (you know what I’m talking about, so don’t you even pretend you don’t). It seems like more of that kind of place.  Come in, relax, and have a drink. But leave your bullshit at home! 🙂