Lunchbox Eats

288 S 4th Street
Memphis, TN 38126

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Oh, I am so excited about this place. I hate that they are not closer to my work, but I would definitely take a very long lunch to be able to head down there, oh say, once a week at least. Well, if I wouldn’t get fired.  But anyway…

So, to start off, the place is way cute.  It was a beautiful spring day, and they had a gorgeous little patio outside.  But the inside was just so darn cute that we decided to sit inside. It’s all got a school house sort of theme, but they mixed in enough modern furniture and unique artwork that it doesn’t go overboard. The menus are little quizzes, and your food is served on cafeteria trays! Talk about a good idea for a restaurant.

Sweet Hash
Field Trip Greens

I got the Field Trip Greens, which is a salad topped with all the fixins (I can’t help slipping into my country voice narrative here because the menu is filled with Southern favorites that make you miss your grandma).  Especially good were the fried Tabasco onions which they sprinkled on top.  I think the Tabasco onions are genius, which is a good thing, because they put them on just about all their foods.  Somehow the onions absorb the flavors from the Tabasco, but not the heat.  And they slice them extra thin so they aren’t too strong.  I also had them add on a side of the Sweet Hash, and it fanastically resembled fried potatoes. It was filled with those special onions, sweet potatoes, and black eyed peas.  I know it’s a little different, but it had crispy little almost burnt pieces that you get when you fry potatoes really successfully.  Can’t really think of anything better than those little crispy bits…

My sister, LeAnne, got the Leadership Mac & Pork Club.  Another genius idea by Lunchbox Eats- a double decker sandwich with BBQ and macaroni and cheese.  I would go on, but you can see the photos and decide for yourself if it’s fantastic or not.  She also got a side of the Squash Bake, which was buttery and wonderful on the inside (again I think it had the Tabasco onions baked in) and covered with a thick layer of baked cheese (again almost burned, the way I like it).  I do have to say I don’t think kids would enjoy the mac and cheese because it had a bit of a kick to it that I couldn’t quite place, but was probably due to a special cheese or something.  The BBQ sauce was really something special, too.  It has a fruity aftertaste, which we think is Cherry. I know, it sounds a little odd, but it really was refreshing to taste something new  in the saturated BBQ market of Memphis.

We just didn’t have room for dessert, but I sure do I hope I get to try it someday.  I can’t imagine them making a food with lots butter and sugar that isn’t to die for.

Word of caution-I hear they are only open for lunch, and only during week days (get it, like school?).  So don’t get excited and hop on over for dinner. On second thought, maybe you should, then when they are closed, everyone leave them a note and beg them to start doing dinner!