Fresh Slices Sidewalk Cafe

6600 Stage Road
Barlett, TN 38134
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Spinach Dip

We started off with the Spinach Dip, which was nothing special. It didn’t taste like much and it was served with out-of-the-bag torilla chips.  And I would eat chips with some kind of dip every day until the day I die.   But don’t bother with this one.

Fresh Catch Samon

Still on my no real meat bender, I ordered the Fresh Catch Salmon, splurged on calories and subbed a loaded Baked Potato for the rice, and kept the Black Bean Corn Salsa that came with it. The salmon was pretty dry and crispy on the edges. The potato was great, but who can’t do a baked potato with cheese and butter and make it taste fantastic? The Black Bean and Corn Relish was the only thing on the plate that really made me take note. It was a perfect consistency and had a nice, fresh taste. (Pun intended.)


Now on the other hand, my friend Rachel ordered the Reuben, and it looked fan-freaking-tastic. It could have been the most beautiful sandwich I’ve ever seen. I really hate it when they don’t drain the sauerkraut well and the bread gets all soggy.  Seems to happen a lot when I order a Reuben, so I’ve stopped ordering them.  Well, that and my fear of bikinis.  But anyway, this one was yummy.

As you first walked in they had all their desserts displayed in what appeared to be an old pizza shelf system thing (you know, the glass cabinets with slanted shelves so you can see everything really well). So, needless to say, all throughout dinner, I had been trying to talk myself out of the cheesecake I saw on my way in.  I caved, and asked the very friendly waitress for one, but oh the terror… they had just sold the last piece to someone else. In the words of my dear old dad, “This would be a great place for a restaurant!”