Kabob International

8050 Dexter Rd.
Cordova, TN 38016

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I had lunch at Kabob International today. Well, rather I picked up food from there, then ate it at work.

Speaking of work, we have used Kabob International for catering for several of our international groups of visitors. They have always been extremely helpful in preparing a variety of Halal standard foods for us, which is sometimes hard to find in fast, casual, Memphis area catering.

Lunch Combo

As usual, I got the #23 Falafel Pita combo. For those of you hard core American diners who don’t know what falafel is, you’re missing out. They take ground chickpeas (I think so anyway, sometimes it can be fava beans), season them, make them into little nuggets, then fry them.  Then they put them on a pita with lettuce, tomato, and tatziki sauce. Well, it said it had tatziki sauce on it, but it didn’t really have enough on it for me to tell what it tasted like. But regardless, the falafel is fantastic, and actually has a texture sort of like ground beef (I know, it doesn’t actually taste like beef, but the texture is really similar).  I also opted for the combo, which comes with fries and a drink. I went for the spicy fries, because come on, everything is better spicy.

Falafel Pita

In the past, I’ve also had the stuffed grape leaves, which you really must try if you ever have a chance to have Mediterranean food. They are soft and filled with a yummy rice mixture.  Don’t be turned off by the appearance. They are not as scary as they look. Think of them as tiny Turkish burritos.

And if you have some extra calories to spare for the day, absolutely go for a piece of the baklava.  It’s a dessert pastry that is made of layers of a syrup or honey, and nuts, in between layers of thin & crispy pastry.  It’s a sticky mess sometimes, and hell on your lip gloss, but way worth it.

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