The Raquet Club of Memphis

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I’m hesitant to review this place because I have such ambivalent feelings. Also, it’s a private club, and I’m not  a member. Hopefully there aren’t rules about this sort of thing. So anyway, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

We ordered the Mediterranean Shrimp Bruschetta as an appetizer. It smelled way too strongly of garlic, and only had a few half cherry tomatoes.  I would not call this a bruschetta. I’d call it marinated shrimp on toast.  It did look nice, though (sorry,  no photos this time).  
I also had the Caesar side salad, which was pretty good. Not too heavy on the dressing, which was nice compared to most of the other Caesar salads I’ve had in Memphis. For an entrée, I had the Sauteed Prawns in Pastis.  The sauce was nice, as was the rice pilaf that came with it. However, the asparagus was bitter.  I ate about half of the entrée and let the rest go.  
The service was pretty good considering how busy they were (members have to spend their dues by the end of the month, so everyone was trying to get it in), and they were gracious with the Pinot Noir. So, nothing to complain about here.