Muddy’s Bake Shop


5101 Sanderlin Ave Ste 114
Memphis, TN 38117

This is the eternal debate- the best cupcake in Memphis. Well, for me there is really no debate. Muddy’s wins hands down. But for some people, I guess they disagree with me.  (Here’s a pretty funny joke about the debate.)

Muddy’s is everything good in this world. It smells of happiness. It oozes whatever good dreams are made of. If you are having a bad day, go to Muddy’s. They will make it all better.  These people work miracles with butter and sugar and possibly black magic. Actually, scratch that. If it’s magic, it’s good magic. They would be the Harry Potter’s of the cupcake world.

And this Saturday night when I selected and paid for my cupcakes, something even more amazing happened. They were half off. Yes, that’s right. After 10 on Saturday’s they do happy hour. I think it’s half off anyway. They were really cheap. Of course the selection is limited because they have been serving a weekend full of the work weary hoards of Memphians who know this secret oasis in East Memphis. (I like to think it is a secret since things that aren’t a local “secret” sometimes get ruined by the demands of, let’s say, the less appreciative customers…  if you are those customers and you attempt to turn Muddy’s into something it is not, we will hunt you down and run you out of Memphis, just so you know.)

Muddy’s is everything I love about Memphis and why I named my blog Memphis is not so bad. They are a local business. They do only what they like to do, and they do it well. Just this week they gave away free pie all afternoon.  Of course they got an overwhelming response, and I’m sure some people tried to take advantage, and I bet they even encountered some people who weren’t appreciative. But I know them, and they will do another promotion another day that is just as amazing and worth every bit of the hassle to go check it out. The selection is different each day, so you can always try something new. But you can always grab your favorite Capote or Prozac (as long as you get there before they sell out). But if they have sold out, they will still be there with a smile and a coffee, and a shot of icing, or whatever other baked good is left. You can sit in the mid century seats and eat on a real plate with a real fork and really, truly enjoy the decadence of your little moment.  Magic happens at Muddy’s!

Photographed above are Frankly Scarlet, Capote, & Prozac (to go).

Photographed above are Frankly Scarlet, Capote, & Prozac (to go).

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  1. I cannot thank you enough for this post. I seriously just cried (happy tears!) reading this. I am going to print it, tack it up in my office, and read it whenever I need encouragement. Your words are so kind and lovely and it means so so so much. Thank you!!!

    • Well I am just smitten kowing my writing will be in your office! As you can tell, your shop is one of my “happy places” and I will rest easy knowing I can help remind you how glad we all are to have you in Memphis. Happiness smells like walking in the door at Muddy’s!

  2. Ditto. That’s goin on my office wall, our mad props board, and I’m going to read it in my weekly staff meeting for all to hear. :-) Thank ya for dem kind words pardner.

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